New technology that locates unknown payers for MVA, WC, & TPL accounts

Up to 30% of potential MVA, WC, and TPL revenue ends up in bad debt
because the hospital or its vendor can’t get coverage information.

That’s because it was missed at registration or was unknowable (like the other party’s insurer in a two-car crash).
And often the patient won’t help because they “lawyer up”!


RSource’s new, proprietary technology can locate unknown MVA, WC, and TPL coverage—without patient cooperation!

RCapture™ mines insurance and litigation databases searching for:

  • PIP/Medpay
  • Third Party Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Litigation Cases where the Patient is a Plaintiff (Slip & Fall, Mass Tort, Product Liability)

RCapture™ can be deployed three different ways depending on what’s best for the hospital:

Let RCapture™ Get the MVA, WC, and TPL Revenue You’ve Been Missing!