COB & Patient Involvement Denials

Stop Chasing Patients for Additional Information

Many third-party-payer claims don’t get paid because they need patient involvement, for things like:

  • COB/CWF Updates
  • Accident Details
  • Claim Forms
  • Student Status/Dependent Updates
  • Eligibility Information Updates
  • Prior Medical History Forms
  • First Report of Injury (FROI) Forms
  • Certification of Creditable Coverage
  • Medical Records from Other Providers
  • Date of Death/Birth/Retirement Updates
  • Workers Compensation Updates
  • Coordinating with VA, Tricare & Medicaid

RSource gets these claims paid by:

  • Guiding the patient through the process as an advocate
  • Hosting three-way calls with patients and payers
  • After-hours calls to patients
  • Performing home visits to patients’ homes
RSource advocate providing patient with insurance information to update.
RSource advocate visiting patient’s home to have insurance information updated.

Don’t send these claims to self-pay! Be a hero to your patient instead—send them to RSource!