What We Do

Innovative third-party-payer solutions that improve revenue cycle performance for hospitals.

RSource’s Patient Non-Compliance (PNC) Program recovers on claims where insurance has requested additional information from the patient – like coordination of benefits, accident details and MSP updates to Medicare Common Working Files (CWF).

COB and Patient
Involvement Denials

RSource’s Clinical Denial Recovery Program merges the best clinical and legal arguments to overturn denials.

Clinical and Other
Denials Recovery

RSource’s Accident Claims Program recovers on motor vehicle accidents (MVA), third-party liability (TPL) and Workers Comp claims.

MVA, TPL, and
Workers Comp

RSource’s Low Balance Recovery

Low Balance
Recovery Using ClaimBrainTM

RSource’s AuthAssure Program prevents denials from occurring and recurring.

Denials Prevention

Patient Financial Screening and Enrollment Services

Patient Financial Screening and Enrollment Services

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