RSource has extensive experience with:

Every Type of Denial

  • Patient Non-Compliance (claims needing additional info from patient)
  • Technical (non-covered services, timely filing, payment-level disputes)
  • Clinical (medical necessity, no authorization, level of care, experimental)
  • Accident (MVA, workers compensation, and third-party liability)

From Every Type of Payer

  • Health Insurers
  • MVA and Liability Carriers
  • Managed Care Companies
  • Veterans Administration
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Border Patrol
  • Workers Compensation Carriers

So many hospitals use RSource to provide them with an All Denials Safety Net Program. 
In this program, any claim that remains unpaid – for ANY REASON and from ANY PAYER – gets referred to RSource at a specific age, typically from 45-90 days from discharge date.
Letting RSource’s team of nurses, doctors, attorneys, and payer experts provide an All Denials Safety Net Program gives hospitals the peace of mind that every one of their denied claims is getting the best resource to put it on the right path to payment.