Shared Resources & Reports

The only way to develop long-lasting client relationships is by creating true partnerships. We believe in creating meaningful and quantifiable knowledge transfer between our clients and us.

Quarterly Issues & Recommendation Reports

Identify problem payers and issues, highlight opportunities for front-end process improvement, and quantify payer information that can be utilized during contract negotiations.

Customized Denial Prevention Workshops

Conducted by an RSource attorney for the collections and registration staff to help them fight and  prevent insurance denials and delays. Relevant statutes, like HIPAA, COBRA, and prompt-pay and lien laws are covered.

Appeal Letter Reviews

Assess existing hospital correspondence and provide recommendations to increase their effectiveness.

Payer Meetings Representation

Represented by an RSource attorney, who will accompany the hospital’s representative inconnection with payer meetings, to help address reimbursement issues.

Aged Account Reviews

For insurance and other third-party claims that are still part of active A/R. Follow-up notes are reviewed in detail to identify problem patterns and trends and the hospital is provided with a detailed written report.

News Updates

Inform RSource clients about changes in laws and regulations that affect healthcare reimbursement and the operational requirements of healthcare providers.

Legal Research

Help hospitals with their day-to-day reimbursement-related decisions, providing them with relevant statutes and regulations.